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See the google definition of 'chiral'

How do you pronounce 'chiral' anyway? 

I realize not everyone has taken college-level organic chemistry (or Latin or Greek language courses, for that matter) so here's my (non-linguistics-related) attempt:

Think of a chimera descending upon you in a spiral -

squash those two words together... et voilà

Or, if that didn't quite do it for you, please click the speaker icon found in this definition (also linked in the image caption).

How do I pronounce your name?

Danni - sounds like 'Annie' 

Peña - true Spanish pronunciation would sound approximately like 'pain-yuh,' though my family has pronounced it 'pen-yuh' as long as I can remember. Either works for me!

please for the love of Pete&Pete try not to say 'pee-nuh.'

What are your preferred pronouns?

(click through to Pronoun Island)

(click through to Pronoun Island)

I began identifying as non-binary and using gender-neutral or gender-inclusive pronouns to describe myself publicly in 2016 (though I have self-identified myself as neither entirely girl nor boy since childhood).

Honorific : Mx. (pronounced "mix")

Pronouns : they/them/their preferred, she/her/hers considered acceptable (I was socialized as, and appear to the majority of the population as, a girl/woman, so I do feel that she/her is representative of my experience).

"I asked them last week about their pronoun preference and they were very pleased!"

How do I type the tilde (ñ) in your name on my phone or computer?

on the letter N, a tilde may be referred to as and pronounced aloud as an "enyay"

I'm more familiar with Apple / Macintosh operating systems, so that's what I'll elaborate here:


iPhone - please see play the video

Mac computer - 

  1. hold the 'option' key and press the 'N' key
  2. release
  3. press the 'N' key once again (for capitalization press Shift + N)


What does 'chiral twin' mean?

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